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Your Relationships. Your Gifts. Your Value.

BizGift: The New Standard in 

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Elevate your Business Cards, Maximize Employee & Client appreciation while eliminating wasted gifting.  Give your relationships a gift that you know they will love, allowing them to choose a Gift Card from over 300 national brands.

Only pay for the value of the gift cards your recipients activate for redemption, rather than paying for the full value upfront for cards that may go unused.

Your Recipients Can Pick the Gift Card They Want from Top National Brands Like These:


Home Depot
Total Wine
adidas-Logo copy
kroger-logo-taxon copy
Cabelas-Logo copy
RAISE_BassProShops-Logo copy
Hulu-Logo copy
BarnesNoble-Logo copy

How BizGift Works

Flexible Gift Choice

The back of the card offers access to a gift card, with recipients able to choose from over 300 national brands.


Lead Generation

You only pay for gift card values that are Activated, and this Activation simultaneously provides you with the contact information of the recipient.


Digital Integration

BizGift allows you to create a comprehensive digital business card, complete with links, contact details, and scheduling options to be used and seen upon all Activations. 


Only pay for the value of the gift cards clients Activate & give them exactly what they want

We guarantee that you will only pay for the value of gift cards that have been Activated, creating relationships and a competitive edge to be remembered.


Your Relationships. Your Gifts. Your Value.

Perfect for Intro & Thank You Gifts to create business relationships.

Pay only for activated relationships

Set Flexible values

Redeem for National Brands

Control your cost and budget

Monitor Relationship Engagement

Free Shipping

How Many BizGift Cards Do You Need?

Starter (25)
  25 Personalized BizGift Cards
  Set Unique Card Values
Relationship Dashboards 
CRM Exports
Pro Insights
BizGift Profile
Free Shipping


Most Popular
  100 Personalized BizGift Cards
  Same features as Starter, but lower cost per card.


Best Value

*Price shown includes card printing cost and BizGift platform,  with no annual fees. Does not include individual gift card activation values set after purchase.

BizGift Gift Card Savings Calculator

This could be per year or month
What is the average value of each traditional gift card you pass out?

46% of consumers forget to use their gift cards altogether according to backrate.com

Cost of Traditional Gift Cards

Your Potential Savings with BizGift

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