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Discover the Impact of BizGift


  Save money on client relationships & promotions by only spending when your connections receive, then Activate your BizGift.

  Once your connection Activates a BizGift card, they get to choose from over 300 national brands, allowing them to select a gift that suits their tastes and preferences.

  Your connection gets an e-gift card of their choice, and you get their contact information! 



Discover the Impact

How BizGift Works

Flexible Gift Choice

The back of the card offers access to a gift card, with recipients able to choose from over 300 national brands.

Cost-Efficient & Lead Generating

You only pay for gift card values that are Activated, and this Activation simultaneously provides you with the contact information of the recipient.

Digital Integration

BizGift allows you to create a comprehensive digital business card, complete with links, contact details, and scheduling options to be used and seen upon all Activations. 

Create Your Free Profile 

Solutions for Every Industry

At BizGift, we understand the importance of boosting employee engagement, acquiring new customers, generating leads, and securing survey responses. We can help you achieve these goals.

Real Estate

Obtain leads, give appreciated closing gifts, thank clients, and increase referrals.

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Thank customers when they send referrals and keep them happy and loyal.

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Drive more responses, book more demos, & incentivize your team to achieve better results.

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Increase patient referrals, retain loyal patients, and differentiate your practice from competitors.

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Business Owner

Enhance client & employee relations by personalizing gifting to reward and recognize.


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Human Resources

Elevate your employee recognition and appreciation program by offering an option to suit every member of your team.

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Finance Professional


Improve client engagement strategies, making every interaction memorable and every client valued.

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Stand apart by using BizGifts in welcome packs, feedback incentives, and employee appreciation. 

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Show appreciation using BizGifts for punctuality rewards, employee recognition, and project completion making every client feel valued. 

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How to Order Your BizGifts


Select Your Package

Select the number of BizGift Cards you would like to order. From 25-1,000, BizGift has a package size for everyone. 

Select Cards Values

Now that you have selected your package, what value of gift cards would you like to place on your cards?

Gift card values range from $10-$500. You may select up to 4 different gift card values per package. 



Set Gift Deposit

Select the dollar amount you would like to place in your BizGift Deposit. Keep in mind, with Pay-On-Activation, you are only going to pay for the gift card values that are Activated. We recommend placing about 10% in your BizGift Deposit to get started!



View, Nurture & Grow Your Business Relationships

Share Your Profile

This is your digital business card!  All of your contact information and links are in one spot!


View Your BizGift Activity

With BizGift, you can monitor your business relationships like never before.

Pay on Activation

Only pay for the value of gift cards that have been activated for redemption, rather than paying for the full value of the gift cards upfront.