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Discover the Impact of BizGift: How It Works

Perfect for your Introductions and Thank You's.
BizGift allows you to set unique values per card, paying only a small deposit on the total redemption value.

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Order & Design Your BizGift™

Create Your Free Profile

Create your free BizGift profile to share your digital business card with ease and monitor activity!

Select Cards Quantity & Values

Select your package: Starter, Premium, or Elite & assign gift card values to each card.



Personalize Your Cards

Use our personalized design card template or upload your design.



View, Nurture & Grow Your Business Relationships

Share Your Profile

This is your digital business card!  All of your contact information and links are in one spot!


View Your BizGift™ Activity

With BizGift™, you can monitor your business relationships like never before.

Pay on Activation

Only pay for the value of gift cards that have been activated for redemption, rather than paying for the full value of the gift cards upfront.

Solutions for every opportunity

At BizGift, we understand the importance of boosting employee engagement, acquiring new customers, generating leads, and securing survey responses. We can help you achieve these goals.

Whether you're looking to motivate your team, retain your clients, or increase customer loyalty, we've got you covered.

BizGift Realtor

I Work in Real Estate

Reward clients with a unique and personalized experience, building stronger relationships and increasing referrals for your real estate business.
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BizGift Sales Leader

I'm a Sales Leader

Take your goals to the next level by driving more responses, booking more demos, or incentivizing your team to achieve better results.
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Untitled (640 × 467 px)

I'm a Medical Professional

Increase patient referrals, retain loyal patients, and differentiate your practice from competitors.

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BizGift Customer Service

I'm in Customer Service

Reward customers when they write reviews, make referrals and keep them happy and loyal.

BizGift Business Owner

I'm a Business Owner

Strengthening relationships by offering flexible and personalized gift-giving. Save time and money, by providing analytics for tracking usage and ROI.

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BizGift Researcher

I'm a Researcher

Make your surveys, focus groups, panels, or trials more rewarding, which can lead to increased participation.