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October 1, 2023
2 min read time

Trending Brands in BizGift: The Top Picks for August & September

We understand the power of choice and how it shapes memorable gifting experiences. With an ever-expanding marketplace of 326 national brands, BizGift ensures there's always the perfect gift for every recipient. Rather than playing the guessing game, let your clients activate their BizGift Card and pick from an array of brands ranging from everyday essentials at Walmart to gourmet delights at Chipotle.

August and September's Top Chosen Brands:

The past couple of months have seen some brands distinctly preferred over others. Here are the top choices that our customers' clients raved about:

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  1. Walmart - For those who seek variety and convenience.
  2. Chipotle - Satisfying Mexican food cravings one burrito at a time.
  3. Dunkin' - Where mornings get a little brighter with every sip.
  4. Panera Bread - Freshness that resonates in every bite.
  5. T.J. Maxx - Where quality meets affordability.
  6. Chili's - Where every meal is a fiesta.
  7. AMC Theatres - Dive into cinematic experiences like no other.
  8. Ace Hardware - Crafting DIY dreams into reality.
  9. Sephora - Unleashing beauty, one product at a time.

Exploring Beyond the Chart-Toppers:

While recent favorites have their spotlight, our expansive marketplace dives deeper to accommodate every unique preference. From the beauty haven of Ulta to binge-worthy entertainment on Hulu, from the fun-packed experiences at Top Golf to the convenience of grocery delivery with Instacart, we ensure there's something for everyone amidst our 300+ brand collection.

When you choose BizGift, you're not just gifting a card. You're gifting an unparalleled experience, a cherished memory, and the freedom of choice. Our myriad of brand options makes each gift truly personalized, making BizGift the ultimate gifting solution.

Don't just stick to the mainstream. With BizGift, expand your horizons and offer a gifting experience that resonates, delights, and, most importantly, stands out.

Explore all available Brands here!

Whether it's appreciating a job well done or marking a special occasion, the value of your gift matters. And it's fascinating to note that small gestures of appreciation, like the $10 gift card, continue to be as cherished as more generous gifts. After all, it's truly the thought that counts.

At BizGift, we're not just about the transaction; we're about the emotion, the connection, and the story behind each gift. As our marketplace grows and as we gather more insights into our clients' preferences, we eagerly await to see how the future of gifting evolves.

Discover our available package options and embark on a gifting journey with a difference.