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August 19, 2022
2 min read time

Keychains, Caps, and Coffee Mugs, Oh My!

If you were to google “are tchotchkes worth the money” you’ll get a flood of returns all promising a strong ROI. I mean, who doesn’t want to strengthen their brand and increase their reach? But just a modest amount of digging will reveal that these articles are written by companies that create promotional products. Just a little biased, right?

Let’s be honest, calendars are the fruitcake of gifts – no one uses a calendar outside the one on your smartphone, and the cost of printing is outrageous. Do you need another pen or keychain? Do you really want to wear a baseball cap with someone else’s logo on it? Sure, there are more clever and useful promotional gifts like koozies and USB thumb drives, but you’re a real estate agent not a bar or tech company.


The reality is, promotional products for realtors are just a logo printed or stitched on something that will never get used. Chances are no one will look you up because they saw their son’s friend’s mom wearing your hat at a little league game. Even when items like coffee mugs don’t get thrown away, they get mixed in with all the other coffee mugs – in a cabinet, with the door closed.

So the question remains, “are they worth the money”?

There are many intangible benefits to promotional products, but the answer you’re looking for is more measurable. I think you’d be surprised at the amount of money spent on tchotchkes vs new business acquired from them, but not the good kind of surprise. We’ve found that the most used promotional product is a gift card. According to Hustle.co, nearly 80% of all gift cards get redeemed – even up to 6 months later.

The question now becomes, “are gift cards worth the money?”

We think you’ll agree the answer is yes. But it gets even better. What if you could put a gift card on the back of your business card? Imagine the value of your business card when it has a redeemable gift card on the back for your prospects and clients. You work hard to acquire prospects and earn their trust and their business. You need to meet people, build qualified contacts, develop relationships, acquire customers, and be remembered by them. Don’t waste money on things that get lost or thrown away.

Check out the BizGift™ card now and put a redeemable gift card from a local restaurant on the back.

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