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Realtor’s Top 3 Answers From Our Recent Polls

Poll Results: Here is what other Realtors think

We’ve sent out over 40,000 emails to Realtors just like you all over the country asking their opinions about closing gifts. It’s often said that there are no off days for realtors. We are some of the hardest working you’ll ever meet – constantly developing relationships and building qualified contacts. And when you do, it’s even more difficult to stand out and be remembered by those potential clients we meet. We put out a series of three polls to see what other realtors are doing to stand out and keep from being forgotten. Here’s a recap from all three polls, so you can see what other realtors are thinking.


1. What closing Thank You Gift do you like to give?

The question was: When giving a Thank you Gift for a closing gift, a referral, a contractor appreciation, or a colleague recognition, what do you like to give?
53.85% say

2. How much do you spend on Thank You or Closing Gifts?

The question was: How much do you spend on average when giving a Thank You or Closing Gift to a client, a referral, contractor appreciation, or colleague recognition?
66.67% say

3. What Brand would you like to see added to BizGift™?

The question was: We are in the process of adding more brands to BizGift™. Please take our poll below to let us know which national brand you would like to see added.
36.13% say