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Lawton Outlaw

Keychains, Caps, and Coffee Mugs, Oh My!

If you were to google “are tchotchkes worth the money” you’ll get a flood of returns all promising a strong ROI. I...

Law of Reciprocity and Real Estate Agents

What is the Principle of Reciprocity? The principle of reciprocity is a term in social psychology. Simply put, it means...

5 Real Life Ethical Dilemmas and Morals: Mastering Your Moral Compass

Being an ethical real estate agent can be challenging at times, but it’s worth the effort. How to handle pocket...

How You Can Be a Hero to Our Veterans

Better serving our nation’s Veterans and military families purchase a home starts with one simple question.

Market conditions – why it’s never been more important to stand out

It’s never been more important to be remembered by your clients and stand out from among your peers. Here’s Why.

How To Build Authentic Business Relationships: 10 Tips

You can’t operate a business without engaging people, and growing your company starts with establishing meaningful...

5 Easy and Impressive Client Thank You Gift Ideas

It’s an unpredictable time for real estate and real estate agents. We’re always looking for creative ways to meet...

Common things Realtors do that get them fired by their clients

Let’s look at ourselves from our client’s perspective for a moment. It may be helpful to walk in a prospective client’s...

Get the most out of social media to develop relationships

Overview Searching for a home to buy is now an online activity. If you’re a real estate agent, you already know this.

Poll: How Much Do You Spend on Client Acquisition?

The first step in developing relationships is client acquisition. But acquisition cost has risen over 60% In the last...