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December 3, 2021
4 min read time

You’re a Rockstar!

BizGift™ takes your Networking to the Next Level

When we set out to invent the perfect business card we knew a few things…

  • It had to be memorable
  • It had to be valuable
  • It had to stay out of the trashcan

And that’s why we created BizGift™; your business card with a gift to remember.


BizGift™ cards are perfect for…

  • Passing out ($5-$10) to prospects
  • Used as Thank-You gifts ($150-$250)
  • Raffle/Giveaways ($25-$50)
  • B2B introductions ($15-$25)
  • and so, so much more…


Rockstars choose BizGift™

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What is the value?

Our goal is to make the upfront cost as affordable to you as possible. Because of that we’ve elected to not load money on your cards until you request them.

Below is a detailed breakdown of our personalized business-gift card program.


Get started today for $150

We store your cards for you until you are ready to load value on them.

Start-Up Package For $150 you receive:


  • First 100 cards
  • Individual Customer Portal
  • Account Setup
  • and everything else you need to join BizGift™
Load Your BizGift™ Cards Load gift value of $5 – $1,000 per card using your customer portal in your dashboard.


Load 1-100 cards all at once or over time.

We only charge you the Face Value for each card loaded.

Fulfill & Ship Mail to yourself or directly to your Clients.


Includes storage, processing, personalized carriers, envelope, and postage.

Only $2.50 for the first card and $1 for each additional card.

Hand-Stuffed Personalized Envelope Included
High-Quality Personalized Carrier Included
Fully Customized Load Card Portal Included
Custom Design Tool Included
Monthly Fees Never


Rockstars choose BizGift™

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What does it look like?


How does this all work?

  1. You select a brand.
  2. You design/upload your card.
  3. You pay to have your cards printed. We store the printed cards for you.
  4. You load & gift your cards in your dashboard after they’re printed.


1. Select a brand



2. Upload/Design the Front



3. Checkout to have your cards printed




4. Load & Gift using your custom portal



It’s really that simple.



Rockstars choose BizGift™

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