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January 10, 2022
3 min read time

How Jim is using BizGift

Our Friend and Top Realtor in Nashville, Jim, shares how he is using his BizGift™ cards

Jim decided to use Penne Pazze as the brand gift card on the back of his BizGift™ cards.

“I run a networking group called Impact Social: Network Not Normal. I’ve been growing this group for years. What’s amazing about this group is that we don’t just stand around and pass out business cards hoping for something to happen. We get together, we share, we talk, and we grow. It’s business leaders talking with other business leaders. I decided to use my BizGift™ cards to attract new people to come to Impact Social. I’ve decided to load $25 on my BizGift™ cards and pass them out as I come across industry leaders. I’ve also started using them as door prizes at Impact Social. BizGift™ cards have had a fantastic reception to those I’ve given them to. I mean BizGift™ cards are like Impact Social.. NETWORK NOT NORMAL!”






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