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September 21, 2023
3 min read time

BizGift's Article on Business Cards Makes Waves Across Notable Media Platforms

Recent Feature

In today's digital age, standing out amidst the information clutter is no small feat. And yet, BizGift's recent article managed to do just that! We're thrilled to report that our latest announcement has been picked up by numerous respected media outlets, marking a significant milestone for our brand's visibility and outreach.

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By The Numbers:

  • Total Pickup: 147 outlets
  • Total Potential Audience: 150 million unique visitors each month

This immense reach ensures that our brand's message resonates across various audience demographics, providing significant traction for our recent developments and offers.

Spotlight On Top Outlets:

AP News: Globally recognized for its comprehensive reporting, AP News is a leader in delivering breaking news and stories of significance.

Read the full article on the Associated Press!

SMB & Me: A business-focused outlet, it centers on the aspirations and challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses.

America Real Estate Online: An authoritative platform in the U.S., covering all corners of the real estate market, from residential to commercial spaces.

Economic News Observer: With a finger on the pulse of global economic trends, this outlet provides valuable insights into financial shifts and updates.

My Real Estate Gazette: An informative outlet that dives deep into U.S. real estate trends, featuring articles from industry experts and analysts.

Journal of Real Estate Professionals: A specialized publication aimed at industry professionals, it delves into market studies, trends, and business strategies specific to the U.S.

The Home Buyer Post: A consumer-centric platform, it offers advice, tips, and news for those looking to navigate the U.S. real estate market.

Article Preview: Redefining the Business Card and What Lies Beyond Tradition

In an era where digital interactions dominate, the timeless charm and utility of business cards remain intact. Yet, the world of business cards is on the cusp of a revolutionary shift.

Timothy Leeds of BizGift articulates, “Business cards of the future won’t just share contact details; they’ll build bridges, evoke emotions, and empower choices. At BizGift, we’re providing that future today.”

As stats show over 10 billion cards printed annually, BizGift elevates the card experience. They offer not just a tangible card, but a dynamic digital profile, integrating the physical with the online realm. These aren't just cards - they are tokens of appreciation, offering recipients the choice of gift cards from a diverse marketplace. Think of the BizGift card as a contemporary iteration of business cards: a blend of tradition, digital innovation, and thoughtful gifting, all rolled into one.

Read the full article here!

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